Community Management & Engagement Services

Want to get more out of your brand’s social media presence?

Of course you do.

You know that building up your fan base and keeping them engaged can drive your business forward. But the time and energy spent doing this can be daunting. That’s where our expert team of community managers can help.

We’ve built and maintained social communities for some of the world’s largest brands. We manage, moderate and monitor millions of conversations, comments, photos and videos every month. You’ll be surprised how much time and energy you will save by extending your team with ours.

No more sleepless nights worrying what people are saying about you online. No more drowning in countless user posts/queries on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

What’s the process?

  • We get familiar with your business goals and audience.
  • We put together a custom proposal with social media services to fit your needs.
  • We study your brand and past social media efforts so we can seamlessly extend your voice.
  • We provide social guidelines and support scripts based on our best practices, experience and templates so we can get started right away.
  • We provide expertise along the way. We’re here to extend your team and help you reach your business and engagement goals.

What are the services?

  • Social media monitoring (also known as “listening”)
  • Social media content moderation
  • Community management services
  • Social media guidelines creation & document maintenance
  • Responses to fan posts, mentions, complaints or praise
  • Facebook page management

Why outsource social media engagement?

  • Your company will save time and energy
  • Your fans and customers will feel appreciated
  • Your channels look well taken care of. Your brand looks attentive.
  • No more struggling to catch up on social media trends
  • Forget worrying about being responsive, we’re online 24/7
  • Save money and resources. We handle everything.

Let’s start talking right now