protect your brand online and mitigate risks

of a potential social media crisis

Social Media Risk Management

If you’re going to participate in social media, you’re going to be exposed to risk. It’s unavoidable.

That’s where we come in: we can help make sure the benefits of social media outweigh the risks. As a global, 24/7 company with teams in every timezone, we are uniquely positioned to give your brand the vigilance it deserves. Our risk management services can be highly beneficial to progressive and forward-thinking companies like yours.

ICUC can monitor social channels for risks, responding to or escalating them as needed. We can listen for threats and we can create and publish content in order to manage the conversations in the right direction.

Embrace your social media, risks and all. Let us help you.

Time to discuss your social media risk?

Reputation Management

With billions of posts in the social media sea, we focus on what matters the most to you: your reputation. A brand’s reputation is almost always its biggest asset, and one that can be significantly threatened in the social media sphere. We can find out what’s being said online about your brand, and through early detection and escalation procedures, mitigate risk to best protect your name.

Our large roster of expert team members can be an invaluable asset. In the event your brand experiences an unforeseen crisis online we can assist in providing an emergency team to manage communications within social channels through social listening (tracking of mentions/posts and overall sentiment) and community management services (replying to social media users, managing dialog, and responding to rumors or falsehoods).

Escalation & Crisis Management Services

No one likes a crisis, but it is something you need to prepare for in the event one should ever occur. We have a great deal of experience in managing emergencies for many industries, from entertainment to pharmaceutical and everything in between.

We can set specific queries/triggers to listen to the social web 24/7 and then launch into specific action plans when conditions present themselves. We can prepare a retainer/plan custom tailored to your specific needs which only requires you to notify us to enact at very short notice. We can engage with consumers or simply report the event in a specific manner to designated contacts – we offer customizable solutions that fit your needs.

Services Offered

  • Searching for brand mentions in the social web
  • Assessing the volume of content that is created around your brand weekly and monthly
  • We can create plans and workflow with you to maximize efficiency
  • Generating reports for your teams to act upon
  • We can construct escalation procedures based on our tried & true experience in crisis management

Infringement Monitoring

Do you know how much copyright, trademark and intellectual property infringement is happening online regarding your brand? We can help detect this category of risk that occurs online and the public social web all the time.

We can stay on top of social media activities like posts mentioning counterfeit sales, counterfeit sites, abuse of copyright materials, or sharing of intellectual property. Our large team of listening and community management specialists can identify specific content containing any such breaches and then identify the sources of this content (sites, social media accounts etc) in reports to clients.