Social Media Content Strategy & Production

Content makes the social web go ’round. With the volume of content always coming and going, it can be hard keeping on top of things. Sometimes you need additional firepower and ICUC can definitely help in this regard. Whether you need assistance building a content plan for the upcoming quarter or year, or if you need someone to assist in the publishing and management of outbound posts, we can be of assistance. Contact us today to let us know your unique requirements.

Content Plans

After being involved in the social content business for over a decade we know how to help you create content that gets the attention you desire.

We aren’t just in reactive moderation/monitoring; we can perform on the broadcast side as well, helping create content plans that enable your brand stay relevant among your followers.


Scheduling content can be a manual and arduous process, particularly if you have a high volume of posts to get out, if your social channels cover multiple accounts / regions, or multiple tools.

Keeping track of all your content and so many channels can be overwhelming. This is where ICUC comes in to help: we have experience handling all of the above.


  • We can populate and schedule using your tools, according to your content plans/schedules
  • We can localize and translate your content into 30+ languages
  • Sometimes the content plan might change at odd hours or in reponse to a crisis – we are available 24/7 and are uniquely positioned to help in this regard
  • We’ve worked with virtually every tool, and a lot of proprietary systems – we can jump in and be helpful from day one

Services Offered:

  • Audits of current state
  • Assessment on current levels of engagement with specific types of content
  • Creation of content schedules, content categories and sample content for review and approval
  • Content plans, including production of graphics, video, and copy
  • Strategy for content plans. We can lead or follow depending on your needs
  • Creating award-winning content that is guaranteed to turn heads

Let’s Start talking Strategy: