Social Media Insights

ICUC has the unique ability to derive useful information from the mass of data that comes from social media. Social media is organic and messy by its very nature – it’s a public playground. There is so much noise that is off-topic or irrelevant that, without filters, it can appear impossible to process.

We can help you sort relevant content, identify true sentiment, and provide intelligent observation and intuition through custom reports tailored to your needs. ICUC ultimately delivers social media insights.

Need help deriving useful insights from your social media data?


  • Content scrubbing and sorting – eliminating noise
  • Manual sentiment assignment – avoiding the 30% error rate of automation
  • Custom reports tailored to fit you and your business needs
  • Holistic approach whereby ICUC is not just a listening company, but also a community manager and moderator of content as well – this brings a complete approach to Insights
  • Moderating content and publishing as content is approved

Key Strengths

  • Our scalable monitoring teams are comprised of real people, expertly trained in social listening.
  • Our people generate better quality insights than automated solutions
  • Over 10 years of experience in social media
  • 24/7 workforce that can handle off-hours, evenings, weekends and holidays
  • We have almost every language you can imagine covered
  • We are more than happy to “white Label” our services and act as an invisible extension of your team