Social Customer Care

As more and more customers come to expect businesses to be present and available on social media in a 24/7 world, those that are able to rise to the demand are setting themselves apart. Customer service through social media, or “social media customer service” as it’s often called, can no longer be thought of as a nice-to-have option. Instead, it really should be a part of any company’s customer service strategy.

Giving a voice to customer service in social media means you can take advantage of these platforms to provide customers with real-time information, making sure they have the most up to date details on products and services. However, meeting the needs of customers in social media demands a level of resources that is challenging for most companies to provide.

That’s where ICUC comes in.

With a team of smart, highly skilled specialists who use best-in-class social listening technologies, ICUC can help your business scale and deliver rapid, consistent and authentic customer service online on demand. So what are you waiting for? To find out more about how we can help your business serve customers better, get in touch >>>

How can I make my social customer service better? Let us help.

How ICUC Can Help You Benefit from improved Social Media Customer Service:

  • We provide the people power and the technology necessary to scale and execute your customer service program online
  • We use social listening to identify customer complaints and issues in social media, and turn them into opportunities for your company to shine
  • We quickly, respectfully and specifically respond to customers on behalf of your brand
  • We create customer service tickets, track them, and close the loop on them by asking customers how likely they are to promote your product or service
  • We ultimately help you understand how to deliver new and better products and services to your customers, driving greater overall customer satisfaction