Social Media Contest Moderation

Chances to win if you submit a photo! Share our post to enter for a chance to win! Social media contests are popular ways to promote brands big and small, but they take some effort to be successful. We are an expert judging and content management resource for companies that want to succeed with social media contests.

ICUC’s team screens and judges all types of user-generated content, including: captions, essays, recipes, photos, videos, or any combination of these items.

We specialize in moderating contest content submitted through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest; we can also utilize any proprietary sites/systems (like galleries or entry management tools) you may be using.

Benefits to You

  • Our teams are comprised of actual people, expertly trained in social media contest moderation. We can use automation too if you have budgetary constraints, but people aren’t fooled by cheaters or participants who game the system.
  • We have over 13 years of experience in social media management experience
  • Our workforce is 24/7 so your campaigns are never ignored during off-hours, evenings, weekends and holidays
  • Every language or timezone you need is covered
  • We are more than happy to white label our services and act as an invisible extension of your team
  • You get customized reporting to present your results how you want to see them

Services we provide

  • Reviewing and approving content
  • Judging content based on your criteria
  • Scoring or ranking content based on your business rules
  • Dealing with high or spiky traffic patterns – using people and artificial intelligence
  • Moderating content and publishing as content is approved
  • Customized reporting to present contest data, traffic and results
  • Flagging content for possible trademark or copyright violations or conflicts

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