Buyer's Journey Stage #1: Awareness

Buyer's Journey Stage #2: Consideration

Buyer's Journey Stage #3: Purchase

Buyer's Journey Stage #4: Experience Sharing

Our Philosophy

At ICUC, we take a unique approach to social media. With a focus on ROI and revenue generation through social media strategy, we partner with clients to truly understand their challenges and provide effective solutions.

Our use of the Customer Journey, the journey that consumers take when making a purchase, helps determine where our clients can most effectively use social media to help their customers through this journey along every step of the way. Our emphasis on driving results for our clients through social media is unmatched amongst social media management agencies.

The Customer (Buyer’s) Journey

Solutions that bring you closer to your audience.

At ICUC, we take a different approach to social media. With 66% of social media users who have self-indicated that they are on these networks to learn about new products and services, your customers and clients want to hear from you through the customer journey. The Customer Journey is the pathway everyone travels to make a purchase. This is how brands work to get their prospects to purchase their products and services.
ICUC has categories of solutions that support each stage of the customer journey. We deliver customer insights and social strategy to help your business be discovered. We provide social listening and content engine solutions to help you stand out. We power social commerce and review management to help you convert sales. And we supply community management and social customer care to help you grow customer influence. Where do you need the most help?

We bring our diverse catalogue of proven services to our prospects and clients. We learn what our clients need, and provide them with such services. From awareness to consideration, purchase to to experience sharing, we can help our clients build their communities and generate ROI, while identifying and aligning with their needs.

Show me how ICUC can improve social media performance at all stages of the buyer’s journey for my company

Stages of the Buyer’s Journey

  • 1. Awareness

    We deliver customer insights and social strategy to help your business get discovered.

  • 2. Consideration

    We provide social listening and content engine solutions to help you stand out.

  • 3. Purchase

    We power social commerce and review management to help you convert sales.

  • 4. Experience Sharing

    We supply community management and social customer care to help you grow customer influence.

    AwarenessConsiderationPurchaseExperience / Sharing
    We want our audience to:…know who we are.…listen to what we have to say.…choose us and take action.…become brand advocates.
    InsightsSocial ListeningReputation ManagementCustomer Service
    Content ServicesSocial Content EngineSocial CommerceCommunity Management
    Research SupportContest Moderation Moderation
    And enables you to…
    Be discoveredStand outConvert salesGrow customer influence
    PainSolutionValue Proposition
    We don’t know enough about our audience, or what to do with the data we have. We want data to tell us what to do.Insights

    • Manual sentiment assignment
    • Content scrubbing and sorting
    • Custom reports
    ICUC Social Media Insights let you uncover what’s useful from a mass of social media data. ICUC can help you sort and scrub content to identify the true sentiment around your brand. Our custom reports will help you filter the signal from the noise..
    We don’t know where to start with social media content. We want a roadmap for success.Content Services

    • Content planning
    • Publishing and scheduling tools
    • Localization and translation into 30+ languages
    • Content audit and assessment
    • Content production including graphics, video, and copy
    ICUC Content Services help you keep on top of social media. Get a completely hands-free content process so you can reach a wider audience with practically no effort. We will define your content strategy, manage publishing scheduling and offer localization services for over 30 languages.
    We are inundated with social media data that is too crufty or complex to analyze.Research Support

    • Query building and sorting
    • Manual approve/reject process
    • Data transfer in any format
    • Demographic analysis
    • Goal-oriented parameterization
    ICUC Research Support will help you sort, scrub, and clean your data making it easier to analyze and derive insights from.
    We don’t know what our customers are saying about us on social media. We don’t want to miss anything.Social Listening

    • 24/7/365 monitoring of the social web
    • Custom reporting and analytics
    • Engagement advice
    • Licence management
    • Research tools
    ICUC Social Listening lets you listen around-the-clock to every conversation your customers are having online. We can assess for keywords, sentiment, location, demographics, Net Promoter Score (NPS) and more. Know the impact of ongoing campaigns and how you compare to your competition. Listening insights will help you know the unbiased opinion about your brand. Find new leads, identify trends, and justify marketing decisions to your management team.
    We are challenged to manage the logistics of social media contests.Contest Moderation

    • Reviewing and approving content
    • Judging content based on criteria
    • Scoring or ranking content
    • Moderating content
    • Customized reporting
    • Flagging trademark or copyright violations
    • Multiple languages and timezones
    ICUC Contest Moderation makes social media contests a turnkey process. We specialize in moderating contest content submitted through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest—and we can use your proprietary systems too. We judge a range of user generated content types: captions, essays, recipes, photos, videos, and more, using actual people who aren’t easily fooled by cheaters/bots.
    We can’t connect social media to ROI. We want to connect our social media activity to actual sales.Social Commerce

    • Social Hub dashboard
    • Build shoppable galleries
    • Connect with brand ambassador
    ICUC’s Social Commerce lets you showcase user generated content (UGC) to increase conversions and get more customers. We sort through masses of UGC in order to create build landing pages filled with shoppable galleries of curated UGC. Our Social Hub dashboard lets you organize all UGC by location and category.
    We want to mitigate the risk of negative reviews of our store/products. Want to make sure our online reputation is positive.Reputation Management

    • Local review management
    • Product review management
    • Competitive analysis
    • Real-time content alerts

    ICUC Location and Product reviews help you manage your reputation and attract more customers. 88% of customers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation, so ICUC helps you monitor and respond to these reviews with two separate services:

    Local review management ensures that inaccurate or negative reviews of your brick and mortar locations are triaged and escalated. You can benchmark across all your locations and your competitors and determine where you can improve.

    Product reviews help you stay on top of online reviews of your products and services. Take immediate action on problem products and evolve your offerings by applying customer feedback to product development.

    We don’t have the time to tend our fan base and keep them engaged. We want a partner we can trust with our brand.Community Management

    • Social media guidelines creation and document maintenance
    • Responses to fan posts, mentions, complaints or praise
    • 24/7/365 coverage
    ICUC Community Management seamlessly extends your voice on social media to build up your fan base and keep them engaged. Our global team of experts will become familiar with your business goals and audience in order to represent your brand online. We provide social guidelines and support scripts based on best practices. We provide expertise along the way. We’re here to extend your team and help you reach your business and engagement goals.
    We struggle to provide social media-based customer service. We want a scalable service that is responsive and reflects our brand.Customer Care

    • Social listening to find issues
    • Full ticket tracking and resolution of issues
    • A people and technology powered white-label solution
    ICUC Customer Care helps businesses deliver rapid, consistent, and authentic customer service at scale. Our team of highly-skilled specialists can respond to your customers in real-time, making sure they have the most up-to-date information on products and services. We create customer service tickets, track them, and close the loop by asking customers how likely they are to promote your product or service. We use social listening to turn social media complaints into opportunities for your company to shine.
    We can’t keep up the volume of social content we have. We want a scalable way to be responsive to our audience.Moderation

    • 24/7/365 coverage
    • Integration with all platforms
    • Escalation procedures
    • Human and AI powered
    • Scalable and secure
    ICUC Moderation helps businesses create a safe, SPAM-free social environment for their customers. Your identity needs around-the-clock attention, so ICUC provides coverages 24 hours a day, even on holidays and weekends. Our team is global, providing coverage in over 30+ languages in every single time zone. Unlike an in-house team, ICUC can scale easily in response to spikes in social media, saving you time and money, and protecting your brand.

    ICUC solutions that bring you closer to your audience